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The ISCFS in addition to plastic surgeons throughout the world, mourn the passing of Dr. Kenneth E. Salyer on December 28, 2020.  Dr. Salyer was one of the founding members of our organization. He was a man of great passion–for craniofacial surgery, cleft surgery, teaching, and life, itself.  He was part of the International Craniofacial travel club– along with Daniel Marchac, Ian Jackson, Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, and Linton Whitaker– that eventually formed the International Society of Craniofacial Surgery.  His two-volume textbook on cleft surgery co-written along with Janusz Bardach, in addition to his Atlas of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery co-written with Whitaker, Marchac, Munro, and Jackson have been used by countless surgeons throughout the world to assist in helping the world’s children.  His autobiography, A Life That Matters, is a “must read” for all budding craniofacial minds.

Xiongzheng Mu, M.D.

ISCFS President