Membership Information

ISCFS Members are required to have:

  • Completed applications for Active and Associate membership must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer by a date three months before the Executive Business Meeting.
  • Active and Associate members may submit a request in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer for transfers of membership categories.
  • All new members shall be sent a certificate of membership signed by the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Council, and a copy of the bylaws of the Society.

Membership Application Form Download

Please Note: ALL new and upgrading membership applications require submission of application form and dossier, and payment of application processing fee and new-category dues. See dossier submission instructions on forms and payment instructions below.

Membership application forms for the new categories, Research and Craniofacial Orthodontist, should be used by Corresponding Members upgrading to these new active-membership categories.

Associate and Corresponding Members upgrading to general Active membership category should use Active Member application form.

ISCFS Active Member / Surgical category application in .PDF format.

ISCFS Active Member / Research category application in .PDF format.

ISCFS Active Member / Craniofacial Orthodontist category application in .PDF format.

ISCFS Associate Member application in .PDF format.

ISCFS Corresponding Member application in .PDF format.

Free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader program, needed to view .PDF files.

Application Fees

Pay Fees & Dues Online

Requires a credit card. Nb. New memberships cannot be affirmed until complete application dossier has been submitted by mail and approved.


Download Membership Application FEE FORM

Use of form is required to pay fee by mail, in addition to submitting the membership application form per se and dossier.


Dues Payment, Bylaws, and Additional Info

Renew Your Membership Online!

ISCFS members may still remit dues by downloading the membership dues form (in .PDF format) for payment by post. Mail the completed form with full payment to:

Sec’y-Treasurer Irene Mathijssen,
Eendrachtsweg 57b,
3012 LE Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Review or download the current ISCFS By-Laws in .PDF file format now. ISCFS financial statements and US tax returns are available to the public upon request. For more information, please contact ISCFS