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International Robin Sequence Consensus Meeting — 3rd Annual


As true for many rare conditions, treatment approaches for (Pierre-)Robin sequence (RS) vary considerably, as randomized controlled trials are difficult to perform. Evidence for different treatments, however, can also be based on cohort studies. This requires agreement on the relevant outcomes tested in such studies, i.e. the definition of a common data set to be used in future clinical studies on RS. The latter will be the main subject during the upcoming 3rd international RS meeting. Renowned speakers from around the world will present their latest data with a focus on a quantification of sleep-related upper airway obstruction and failure to thrive as the two most relevant early outcomes in RS. Also, is there mandibular catch-up growth in RS? What is the long-term outcome and quality-of-life after the various interventions used, and what do parents think?

Tübingen is an old medieval university town (the university was founded in 1492) located in Germany’s beautiful South-West, where weather conditions can already be quite pleasant in April (but wet and cold weather conditions are also possible). We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tübingen!

Tubingen. Germany
Facial Paralysis Reconstruction

Facial Paralysis Reconstruction” at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, Taiwan. The faculty performed a total of 8 live surgeries, with four various types of muscle transplants (gracilis, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis minor, and serratus anterior), three different motor neurotizers (contralateral facial nerve, masseter nerve, and spinal accessory nerve) and various innovative techniques to improve surgical efficiencies. The surgeries in the morning were followed by educational lectures in the afternoon that included advances in surgical techniques, controversial issues and current trends in facial reanimation. We concluded with an interactive Q & A section between the participants and the faculty that gave our members an exclusive opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions. The instructional course was a tremendous success, as our Honorary Chairman, Professor Ronald Zuker said, “It was very exciting to see the experts operating and extremely educational for all who attended”.

Eight years have passed, and we will once again host the 2nd Instructional Course for Facial Paralysis Reconstruction in April 14-16, 2020. To update with current trends in facial reanimation, we have included corneal neurotization, platysma muscle transfer for lagophthalmos, and temporalis lengthening myoplasty to our lives surgeries. We have invited 10 international and 3 domestic faculties, and have added one more day to our course for more educational content. The basic format will be live surgeries in the morning, educational lectures in the afternoon, and conclude with Q&A in the last day.

We cordially invite you to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to participate in this unique, once in a lifetime course in demand. We believe this is an extraordinary opportunity to meet and learn from leading experts in the word in facial reanimation.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Taiwan.

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Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linklou Medical Center, Taiwan
European Society of Craniofacial Surgery Biennial Conference
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK

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